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Hear what the Dads have to say…

We often hear what it’s like to have a baby from a mum’s point of view, but not so much from the dads. We invited the dads to have their say and tell us what it’s really like for them – without their partners being there😉 What’s it like becoming a Dad for the first time? Did having a baby change your relationship? Have you got equal roles as parents? Do you sympathise with how much work Mum has to do? How are you dealing with the lack of sleep?... Read More

Hear What The Mum's Have To Say 15/08/2019

Hear what the Mum’s have to say…

Everyone will tell you having a baby is life changing…it’s the best of times and the hardest of times are rolled together into one big roller-coaster ride.  We asked new Mum’s to tell us what that really means in their own words. How did you feel when you first got home from the hospital after having your baby? What’s the scariest thing about becoming a Mum for the first time? Do you think there is enough mental health support for parents? Did you get good advice from people around you?... Read More

Meet The Parents 15/08/2019

Meet the New Parents

We invited 5 couples from all over the UK to come and tell us what it’s like to become a new parent.  To introduce themselves to us we asked them to play “Mr & Mrs” to see how well they think they know each other now they have a baby together. Find out how well they know each other… MEET AMY & TONY MEET CHARLENE & STEVEN MEET DEVON & GAVIN MEET KIM & WILL MEET MOLLIE & KYLE